[Madlug] Computers: Free to a good home

Rob Zietlow zietlow at securepipe.com
Wed Apr 28 07:29:58 CDT 2004

I have some machines I have been requested to send on their merry little
way. So here's what I have

6 sparc station IIs.  Maybe some old pentiums (~200-266ish)

What you should know about the boxes.

These things are like the 1960's olympics: They were fast in their day but
now they're just painfully slow.
They're noisy: Imagine an elephant giving birth to a Honda. That's how
noisy these old HDs are in these beasts.
The battery backing up the NVRAM is kaput. You have to set it up every
time you unplug the power.  Here's all the steps.

They all still run, but as stated before, they're slow.  They're heavy.
Use em in your trunk during the winter to give you a little extra weight.
Use em as a boat anchor when you go fishing.  Do anything you want with

Any other questions about the hardware I'll be happy to field them.
Enough with the jokes last time I attempted some, I was almost strung up by my toes
and then tarred and feathered.



Rob Zietlow
Network Security Engineer
SecurePipe Inc.
Madison, WI (608)-294-6940

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