[Madlug] Adobe Flash - Possible Trojan Horse?

digitek digitek at charter.net
Sat Jan 26 06:17:57 CST 2008

Joe Baker said the following on 01/25/2008 01:01 PM:
> As I sit safely running my Ubuntu Linux operating system on an encrypted
> filesystem my thoughts run towards potential security compromises of the
> future.

This posting got me thinking about some of the mechanisms available on
*nix to minimize some of the threats that comes with internet browsing.

Firefox, in all it's great accomplishments, is not perfect but I think it's
the better option at least in terms of security.  Problems do exist[0]
however, people writing code do have bad days at work, and programmers
do indeed make mistakes.  I don't believe we will ever get away from that.

With that in mind I think I'm going to look into running firefox as a different
user with the aid of kdesu (gksu) or something.  The attack vectors are just
going to keep piling up and the malware is going to get more sophisticated.
I'd rather not have an Adobe/Java/blah  plugin vulnerability sending my
~/.ssh/id_dsa key off to timbuktu someday. :/


[0] - http://www.sans.org/top20/#c1


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