About MadLUG

MadLUG is the Madison area Linux Users Group.

Our users come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are academics and students; others are system administrators, web designers and other IT professionals; and others simply enjoy computers.

Upcoming Events

* For all current events, please see the meetup page http://www.meetup.com/madlug/



MadLUG came into being in September of 1998. JVLnet in Janesville kindly hosted our website. After our first president, Adam Cody, left Madison, we reorganized in the summer and fall of 1999, at which point we obtained the madisonlinux.org domain name, and transferred the web and mailing list hosting. During this time we had a number of projects going on, including a community outreach project and a presentation at a local computer expo. In January of 2000 we adopted a set of bylaws. Since that time we have had a number of technically-oriented presentations, but the majority of our meetings have been social, coffeehouse meetings at the Lakefront Cafe (UW Memorial Union) in Madison. MadLUG then moved to the UW Madison campus for a time, hosting technical talks in the high-energy physics conference room in Chamberlin Hall. After a change of venue host and some trouble with parking, MadLUG moved again. Currently, since 2010 or so, MadLUG has found a home at ITT Madison for our technical talks (thanks!) and at the Sundance Cinema coffee shop for Ubuntu Hour/Social meetings.

Other Resources and Ways to Connect

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